I am a creative director in animation, graphic design, illustration, movies, branding, writing, architecture – you name it.

My specialisation is simplifying complicated messages into something more easily digestible.

I’ve worked for a number of large Dutch organisations in a wide array of fields. From health care to government, from sports to consumer products.

You’ll be surprised to know how many things I think are cool, street furniture, wayfinding and energy for example.

Design ought to look good yet first and foremost be functional. As a pragmatist I always familiarise myself with the client, topic and its context.

And as a Dutch designer you can expect Dutch Design from me, with a flair for the practical.


What I do

I’m an all-round creative director with a passion for telling complicated stories.

  • Infographics
    • Aid you in explaining complicated stories and concepts.
  • Wayfinding
    • Help people, customers, employees, find their way.
  • Marketing
    • Assist your business in getting itself across.
  • Design
    • And help make the world more clear.
  • More
    • As a conceptual thinker and information sponge, feel free to ask me other design-related questions.