As a creative director I guide the project to where it needs to go, I’ll be your guide through this process along with its creative lead. To achieve a great result I often work with specialists: Sound designers, architects, copywriters, et cetera.

It’s my goal to make sure you know what you’re getting into and what you’re going to be getting out of it.


Let me aid you in explaining complicated stories and concepts. I have nearly a decade of experience in bringing complicated stories across effectively, mostly through animations (or: explanimations).

You’re the specialist in your field, let me be the specialist in mine and together we can really bring home the message.



Helping people find their way around is a specialism on its own. Dealing with human behaviour in the physical world is inviting a slew of variables into the mix.

It’s vital for good wayfinding that I get involved early with the architect, interior decorator, lighting specialist(s) and other folks who have a say in the building and use of the structure.

From there I can guide you (along with my colleagues) through the process.



Getting your message across to a new audience is a delicious challenge in today’s fast and full world. I love creating a big idea for your business, one that sets your apart.



A logo, your style guide, the look and feel of everything about your business: Sometimes entwined with marketing but often made to outlast the current trends.

Good design is practical, no-nonsense and does what it must do: Help carry what you want to communicate.



There might be a creative or design-related question that doesn’t fit in one of the boxes above. Holding a talk, writing a script or copy for an ad. How about simply idea generation?

Of course I can also come and hold talks or perhaps do a workshop of some sort? As a conceptual thinker I love to talk to you about ideas, your business and more. Tea or coffee?

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